"I think you both are really amazing at how you deliver your knowledge, you are both a real asset to your company!! Well done!" - Chad and Coco 

"I really enjoyed the 3 labour sessions. I felt so much better/more confident by understanding what would happen to my body and what could happen. Really liked all the troubleshooting activities each week." - Alice 

"Really great relaxed atmosphere, good balance of labour and baby care information, would thoroughly recommend!" - Amy and Matt 

"So much of the course was useful. Specifically the labour parts and how to be healthy happy parents. Thank you! A lot of people said that antenatal classes was paying for pregnant friends but it was SO SO much better - we feel so much more prepared and we felt very included as twin parents!" 

"So fabulous! I now feel like I know what to expect and have more confidence for impending birth. Meeting other mums to be has been great." - Kirsty 

"It's been fantastic - the access to expert information, openness of Vicky and Emily, the lack of judgement and friendly atmosphere have made us feel so much more reassured." - Danielle and Andy 

"Great bunch of people & Social side. Very honest & open forum - felt like no question was a stupid one. Unbiased views were very appreciated - great that all options were presented. The baby stories was our favourite session. Loved hearing about other peoples experiences. The session on when things don't go to plan was most useful." - Katy and Orr 

"Really enjoyable and would highly recommend. Thank you so much for a really helpful course. I feel a lot more confident about the whole adventure." - Joe and Becky 

"Emily is so fantastic. So kind, knowledgable and helpful. I really feel more prepared and I was a bit iffy about whether to do antenatal classes or not. So pleased we did. Thank you!" - Iona and Rob 

"Really excellent course! Would recommend to other first time mums over NCT." - Rachel T 

"The course has been transformational in terms of our readiness for birth and the immediate aftermath! Vicky and Emily are a fountain of knowledge... Joining the class has been the best thing we’ve done to prepare for our baby’s arrival." 

"We thoroughly enjoyed Vicky and Emily’s...classes. The sessions were fun, informative, relaxed and very sociable. We are leaving the classes much more informed, prepared and ready to face our little one! Thank you so much." 

"Really great course. So glad I signed up to this one. I think it’s very good to be able to ask practicing midwives all the questions under the sun!" 

"I really appreciated the balance you struck between having a clear structure for the classes, but also keeping them informal enough that we could ask questions at any point, and it really felt like no question was off limits. You made us feel comfortable enough to ask questions about anything we were unsure or curious about. Also, the birth 'top tips' hand out was a life saver! When I got to 37 weeks I had a minor melt-down where I suddenly felt that the baby could theoretically come at any minute, and I wasn't sure we were prepared. So we sat down with your hand-out and read through what to expect and what to do at each stage of labour. We also used your list to help finish packing the hospital bag. Within 20 minutes or so, my melt-down was over, and we both felt prepared and in control. For extra reassurance, we printed out your hand-out and packed it in the hospital bag so that we could refer to it if we weren't sure about something. 
We are really grateful for how generous you have been (and you continue to be) with your time and knowledge, knowing that if something comes up, we can email you with questions. It's so reassuring. Thank you!" 
- Megan 


"I attended this class with my husband as we had forgotten almost everything in the 6+ years since having our daughter. 
Rachel and Emily were absolutely brilliant - informal, approachable, knowledgeable and reassuring. 
Ahead of the class they made sure they knew precisely what everyone attending hoped to get out of the session, and they were extremely thorough, making every moment of the class count. Roughly half the session was dedicated to labour and half to newborn care and how to make sure you make your existing child feel included. Every piece of information imparted was of value, the course handouts are fabulously informative and we felt so much more prepared at the end of the session. I couldn't recommend The Group strongly enough."
- Louisa

"Thank you for a great session today! My husband and I really enjoyed the course for second-time parents and highly recommend it to other couples going in for round two! A really helpful refresher about the stages of labour, pain relief choices and feeding a new born. With the bonus of tips for helping you transition to a family of four (or more), preparing your first child and (most importantly) staying sane. So good to hear it all from two professional midwives with loads of experience. I loved the discussions around how to balance family life, that felt realistic and achievable, rather than too many strict rules and ideals that set you up to fail. Thank you so much Rachel and Vicky! X" - Jessica 

"My husband and I just attended The Group's February refresher course and would totally recommend it. We have an almost four year old and despite leaving it very late (we had our second child 3 days later!) we both found the course incredibly useful - it strikes the right balance between refreshing on things such the birth/caring for a newborn etc and the totally new dimension of preparing your older child and family for the arrival of a sibling. Rachel and Vicky, both lovely midwives, ran the course and we really benefited from their years of experience as practitioners. As a bonus you get to meet other parents in the same boat (and eat delicious French house pastries). The post course handouts are really high quality and we came away with a wealth of information, feeling much more prepared/reassured." 

"The little tips from a 'Mum that knows' (Rachel) and who is also going through it is invaluable - it makes it 'real' and to share your experiences is really reassuring and kind. The role of the birth partner was great recap for us and gave us time to talk together about making our plans.  Overall, I think the course is realistic, non judgemental and honest - given from midwife experience, but also as a parent too." - Refresher Mum 


"We thoroughly enjoyed our Hypnobirthing Course and know that the relaxation techniques we learnt will help us immensely during the birth of our baby. Vicky and Emily are both friendly, open, non-judgmental, and passionate about what they do. They are more than happy to share their vast knowledge and offer any support they can during the course and beyond. We highly recommend their Hypnobirthing Course!" - Erin and Tom

"We wanted to try hypnobirthing (with very basic knowledge of what it actually entailed!) but I had read about Katherine Graves hypnobirthing and saw that Vicky had trained with her and Emily with Lorraine Flaherty and both being midwives, we were assured that we would be in safe and knowledgeable hands. This is our first pregnancy and we are planning a home birth. We had a private hypnobirthing course at home, which worked really well for my husband and I with our work commitments and made the whole experience much more relaxing and intimate. I was really surprised with the level of personalisation of the course itself and feel this is a really important aspect of hypnobirthing as this addressed our respective fears/expectations of birth. 

Vicky and Emily were incredibly sensitive and patient with us, understanding our very basic level of knowledge and giving us the support, information and tools we needed to continue our hypnobirthing practice throughout the rest of pregnancy. While my husband was very sceptical to start with, having completed the course and fully understanding the mind / body connection, it is now something he fully believes in and will recommend to anyone willing to listen. Although, it definitely needs tuition and frequent practice! We have found hypnobirthing a really useful tool and it is something that we do together almost daily, enabling my husband to feel involved in the pregnancy (and hopefully birth!) and it also helped to calm us after a long day at work. Just having half an hour together to forget about everything else going on has been really beneficial. I feel it is really helped me relax and sleep well throughout pregnancy and I look forward to, rather than dread, the birth. We both feel confident in having a tool to help us no matter how labour ends up as it is something that we can take anywhere. It was valuable to do this relatively early on (I was 28 weeks), which has given us the chance to practice regularly, often resulting in me drifting into a deep slumber within minutes. 

We couldn't recommend hypnobirthing with Vicky and Emily enough, with their wealth of knowledge, support and level of personalisation, it really felt very special." - Kristy and Matt