at THE SHALA in West Norwood


Expectant mothers and birth partners are invited to this informative and enjoyable session to prepare for labour and birth, and learn practical skills to use during these stages. You will engage with your birth partner in a supportive, physical, positive practice and explore ways to cultivate connection, deeper mutual trust and bonding with each other and your baby. 

Experienced midwives Vicky and Emily from The Group Antenatal Classes create a relaxed, safe atmosphere, supporting you to work together and learn hands-on techniques to help build physical and emotional strength together.

In the course you will:

  • Explore movements and active birthing positions.

  • Practice breathing techniques to support relaxation during labour.

  • Learn about, and use aromatherapy oils, and create a personalised blend to take home.

  • Learn some easy and effective massage points to use in pregnancy and labour.

  • Enjoy a guided deep-relaxation hypnosis script.


Saturday 1st December - 3:00PM - 6:00PM

For more information and to book see THE SHALA website.

Pregnancy is a transitional time for expectant parents. Our practical birth workshop is a great opportunity to connect as a couple and learn to work together, giving you skills and tools to assist your path from pregnancy to birth. You will leave the workshop feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and more confident and prepared for the birth of your baby. 

You can attend the workshop from 25 weeks of pregnancy onwards. You are advised to wear comfortable trousers. The price is per couple.


3rd Floor 1 Chestnut Road,

West Norwood,


SE27 9EZ