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Andrea's Birth Story

Ever since we found out I was pregnant I was looking forward to the birth. It has never been something that I dreaded or felt frightened by. Birth for me was always going to be as natural a process as possible. I believe our bodies are designed for procreation and I could do it myself if I had to, like the thousands of generations of mothers before us. I knew my body was strong enough and knew what to do, I just needed to understand the birth process better. I spent many hours researching extensively about my local midwifery services and how I could get the best care. We were lucky enough to have community midwives in our area who did home visits, supported various different choices of birth (home, midwife-led unit, labour ward), would give me continuity of care (amazing!) and were generally lovely people. I knew then that is what I needed for my pregnancy. When I got my appointment for my first meeting with the midwives I was over the moon. Getting the right midwifery care is so important – they are your rocks through this incredibly physical and mental journey which you go on. I trusted my midwives implicitly, more than any doctor, and knowing I was in the best hands possible made all the difference.