Our midwife-led, refresher courses are specifically designed for parents expecting their second (or subsequent) baby. Our half day session will refresh your memory on labour, birth and the postnatal period as well as preparing you for life with two children.

The course lasts 4.5 hours (9.00am – 1:30pm) and is based at The French House, East Dulwich (52 Lordship Lane).

Course cost - £150


Sunday December 3rd - 09:00-13:30- BOOK NOW



- Preparing your older child for the birth, meeting the new baby & becoming an older sibling.

- Coping with two – practical advice on managing feeding times, bathing two, getting around and nurturing a positive sibling relationship. (Includes basic sling-wearing advice for hands-free newborn care).

- Feeding information and advice (breast, bottle, expressing) – solving common feeding issues, settling and swaddling.

- What happens during labour, how this differs second time, when to call for help and what to do if birth is very quick.

- Choosing your place of birth: what’s the evidence and where is best for you?

- Coping skills for birth: water, movement, sound, aromatherapy, medical pain relief options.

- Focus on the role of the father/partner: looking after your partner, the children and yourself during the birth and early weeks.

- Reminder on early newborn care (nappies/cord care/jaundice/rashes) and postnatal recovery (wound/stitches/bleeding/pelvic floor)

- The emotional implications of a second child –looking after your family’s well-being and mental health.



- Attendance for two adults (If you are unable to arrange childcare or your partner is otherwise unable to attend, then why not bring along another supportive person like a sister/mum/friend).

- Two refresher information packs: one for labour and one for the postnatal period with all you need to know.

- The Group’s printable ‘cheat sheets’ to have to hand exactly when needed

- Coffee and pastries during the mid-session break

- Email support from midwife Rachel during your pregnancy and first six weeks

- A 10% discount at the French House on the day and thereafter

You are invited and encouraged to stay on for lunch to get to know the other couples on the course, however this is not necessary nor included in the course price. Your older child is very welcome to join the group at this point if you would like them to!


"Thank you for a great session today! My husband and I really enjoyed the course for second-time parents and highly recommend it to other couples going in for round two! A really helpful refresher about the stages of labour, pain relief choices and feeding a new born. With the bonus of tips for helping you transition to a family of four (or more), preparing your first child and (most importantly) staying sane. So good to hear it all from two professional midwives with loads of experience. I loved the discussions around how to balance family life, that felt realistic and achievable, rather than too many strict rules and ideals that set you up to fail. Thank you so much." Jessica

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